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Based in Anchorage, Alaska, and operated by the Binkley Group, Anchorage Daily News offers news, features and commentary with a statewide focus.

Anchorage Daily News

Local news matters. And not just when it comes to politics. Whether it's a feature about a new restaurant, a review of a theatrical production or an investigative deep dive into a long-simmering issue, local news coverage is an essential service in any community. At Anchorage Daily News, we're proud to be the most-read news source covering the Last Frontier. Why should you make Anchorage Daily News your marketing partner? Results. Your goals are our goals. We are here to help drive success and ROI for your business. Anchorage Daily News is a one-stop-shop for your marketing needs. We are dedicated to bringing value to our advertisers, and with a solution for every budget and objective. Advertising with Anchorage Daily News can connect you to your customers in more ways through our array of products, placements and advertising opportunities. READY TO SEE WHAT THE ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS CAN DO FOR YOUR BRAND? CONTACT AN ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS SALES REP TODAY. Advertising - 907-257-4242 • Classifieds - 907-257-4444 • Obituaries - 907-257-4231 • Legal Ads - 907-257-4584


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