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About Trenton:

Trenton Davis’ ten thousand hours of Stand-up comedy is beginning to pay dividends – Trenton was the San Francisco International Comedy Competition runner up for 2016. He was runner up in the prestigious NBC Standup for Diversity program and won the 2015 Sacramento Comedy Festival. Trenton was born in Greensboro, NC and began his comedy journey in Chicago, IL. His unique experiences have shaped his views and created one of the best new comedic writers and performers of our generation. Trenton currently resides in Los Angeles and ABOUT Atlanta, GA.

At the core Trenton is a teacher. He believes that everyone is born with a purpose and if put in the right environment his or her gifts will emerge. His life’s purpose is to open the minds of others and show another way of looking at things delivered using the gift of comedy, laughter, motivation and inspiration. The dynamics of today’s work environment are transforming rapidly. The pandemic changed the meaning of “at work” forever. The great resignation, now more than ever, is forcing companies to create a culture that is empowering, enriching and sustainable. Trenton’s engaging and interactive style carefully addresses both employers and employees. He provides tangible methods that the audience can use to build lasting success - “this is the how.” Trenton takes his audiences on a journey which vibrates at the intersections of leadership and compassion, diversity and technology, and experience and purpose. During your time with Trenton, we will break out of established moulds of mediocrity while simultaneously helping each participant find his or her unique “IKIGAI” (reason for being)



Unique Design

The National Warrior Foundation

Hooked Entertainment

Historic Anchorage Hotel

94.7 Alternative Anchorage

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2435 Spenard Rd
Anchorage, AK 99503
+1 (907) 272-1010

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2435 Spenard Rd.
Anchorage , AK 99503

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